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Get a fresh perspective on some of the big ideas affecting the election and success of any future government with these five must-see RSA videos.

What is power?

As political leaders of all stripes confidently assert what they’d do if they were in power, Stein Ringen reminds us that there’s a fair distance between being in power and ‘getting things done’.



The UK’s contribution to welfare spend is never too far from the headlines. But where does the money really go? Professor John Hills and Tom Clark break down the figures.



Probably the number one election issue. What advice would the expert panel at our ‘Great Health Think Off’ debate give the new government?



Right now politicians are busy pumping speeches, slogans and soundbites through any and every media outlet available.  But is any of it convincing you? Best-selling author Dan Pink explores the art of persuasion.



This promises to be the most closely fought election since… well, five years ago. What needs to change to get people more involved? Zac Goldsmith MP argues for a shift towards a more direct democracy.


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