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Creative learners

We help improve the creative capacities of learners, from early years to old age, through designing new approaches to teaching. Projects include the Manual of Modern Making and the Pupil Design Awards. 

Creative educators

We help the development of creative educators through supporting design thinking, disciplined inquiry and innovation. Projects include Grand Curriculum Designs, the Area Based Curriculum and research on teaching. 

Creative Institutions and Systems

We work with schools and leaders within the education system to build capacity for innovation. Projects include Investigate-Ed, our work with Suffolk and St Helens local authorities, and our research on skills. 

The RSA enters the grammar school debate

7th October 2016

Returning to a system that pushes children down two different life-altering paths at the age of 11 is not how to build a "country that works for everyone", argues Julian Astle.

Mark Carney's visit to Whitley Academy

6th October 2016

Whitley Academy, one of the schools in the RSA Family of Academies, hosted a visit from Mark Carney, the governor of the Bank of England, in a live BBC television event as part of the BBC School Report initiative in September. ...

Towards a culture of lifelong learning

4th October 2016

Could your region, city or town embrace the spirit of Kensalfield? Matthew Taylor introduces the RSA's third Power to Create paper, A Place for Learning.

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