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The opportunity for international training does not meet the need. 

Global health internships develop public health and policy skills in the next generation of professionals. But countries with the health systems in most need are those most highly underrepresented amongst interns. 

Enter the Equitable Access to Global Health Internships Project. This initiative seeks to change current thinking and policy on international global health training opportunities. It will:



Engage with the project directly to foster debate on global health training issues with relevant stakeholders.

Donate to and share the Kickstarter camapign running from 28th May – 7th July 2015 - the target is £7,000.

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Project Team

Ashton Barnett-Vanes FRSA

Ashton Barnett-Vanes FRSA


Medical student and scientist (MD/PhD) based in London. International experience teaching in East Africa and research in East Asia, completed an internship at the WHO-HQ in 2012.

Tara Kedia

Tara Kedia


Medical student and anthropologist-in-training based in the United States. Has worked in Haiti, Nicaragua and Tanzania; completed an Internship at the WHO-HQ in 2012.

Seyi Owaseye

Seyi Owaseye


State Operation Manager at the the Ebola Emergency Operation Centre, Lagos, Nigeria. Completed an internship at the WHO-HQ in 2013.


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