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 Interest Clusters for Creating Collaborations

These interest clusters represent a condensed summary of the huge variety of specific topics individual students are pursuing. It is hoped that, while these interest clusters may not cover every single student’s specific topic area, these interest clusters are broad enough to find some kind of resonance that transcends the specifics of individual PhD topics.

The Religion stream comprises a number of diverse but intersecting topics. Church issues are encompassed by monasticism; relations between church and clergy; canonicity; and by doctrinal controversies. There is a strong emphasis on the locality of religious practices and identities, in particular issues of civic and national relations with religion. Other areas of interest include martyrdom and supernatural experiences.

Visual Media
In Visual Media interests range from particular representations to issues of genre and practice. The cultural value of visual media echoes a focus on war imagery; while adaptations, screenwriting, editing, and multi-modal syntheses reflect the scope of research into genre-specific and practical areas.

People, Politics, and Law
The People, Politics, and Law interest cluster is perhaps the largest in terms of diverse subjects subsumed under it. Subtopics include the generations and counterculture; class and gender; asylum and racial identity; the state and national identities; consumerism; and the military and security.

Foreign Exchanges: Home and Away
International subjects in the Doctoral Training Partnership currently tend to gravitate toward the notion of exchange: world fairs, colonialism, exchange programmes; while travel writing and community languages emphasise the linguistic factor in foreign exchanges.

Modes of Learning
For current DTP students, learning encompasses modes of understanding, particularly between readers and texts: how readers relate to texts, and the different aspects in the mix of how understanding occurs through reading.

Architecture and Landscape
Architecture and landscape are topics studied from a range of perspectives, but with a particular focus on issues of heritage: geographies of heritage; the heritage of new towns; and environmental history. Other areas include gender and landscape, and suburban topography.

Museums, Galleries, and Cultural Heritage
The core subthemes in the Museums, Galleries, and Cultural Heritage interest cluster are: collections disposal; archival exhibitions; controversial images in galleries; intangible cultural heritage; and the requirements of a museum environment.

Health and Social Care
With a distinct Midlands focus, topics under the Health and Social Care cluster include: war widows and orphans; outdoor relief work; disease and disability; bodies; food and drink; and citizenship and health communication.

Music and Performance
The Music and Performance interest cluster can be divided into two sub-streams. The first is technical and has to do with music composition and curation: instruments, the impact of the digital age, and pedagogy. The second sub-stream concerns issues of identity, authenticity, and performance, both onscreen and aurally.

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Rich Pickford

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