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A new partnership between the RSA and the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) will provide up to £2.5m to test the impact of different cultural learning strategies in English schools and early years settings.  We will fund the delivery and evaluation of different cultural learning approaches to find out which are most likely to have an impact on academic attainment, as well as skills and behaviours like resilience, self-confidence and creativity.

The trials will be particularly focused on areas in England where deprivation is high and arts participation is low.  They will run alongside other work by the RSA and the Arts Council to grow the evidence base around the impact of arts activities.

Cultural learning activities involve learning about culture and through culture.  Usually involving collaboration between schools and arts and cultural organisations, they cover a wide range of artistic practice and offer opportunities to visit venues, see performances and exhibitions as well as learn through practical activity. 

The window for submissions is now open and applicants can apply via the EEF website here:

 Application for the funding is open to arts and cultural organisations, schools, universities and other non-profit organisations. The initial call for projects closes on the 15th February.