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Food is not Rubbish

How can we love our food and throw less away?

We all love a good meal, but how much of it do we throw away unnecessarily? Food waste is a growing issue. Homes across the UK throw away 7 million tonnes of food and drink in the UK each year. Globally 1/3 of the food produced is wasted, while almost 800 million people go to bed hungry.

It’s bad for the environment and it also means we are using more food than we need at the expense of the needs of poorer countries. Not to mention the money we are losing; the average family could save £700 a year, simply by throwing away less food[1].

While food waste in restaurants has reduced over the years, household waste is still high. How can we challenge and change our attitude towards food so that we buy what we need and are aware of the social and environmental consequences of food waste?

Watch the UN Food and Agriculture Organization video to find out more about the global footprint of food waste – it might give you a good starting point to think about the issues you want to address with your design!


Research the problem:

Identify a specific place where food waste might have an impact in your community. Is too much food going to waste there? Do this by speaking to people that buy, cook and throw away food to find out their thoughts and discuss them with your group.

Examples could include people responsible for making decisions about food in:

  • School
  • Your home
  • Local restaurants
  • Supermarkets
  • Hospitals or care homes 

Design the solution

Design a product, campaign or service that you think will help overcome this problem.

Examples could include:

A product: A ‘leftovers recipe book’ to inform people how they can make the most of their leftover food

Campaign: A campaign that encourages others to use their extra food make a meal(s) for people in need (e.g- homeless shelters)

Service: Guidelines for supermarkets to tailor food products for different sized families (someone living by themselves will need to buy less food than a larger family – do supermarkets think about this?)

Want more information?

Want more information?

This project pack includes a detailed description of each brief and other usefult tips to get started.

Download project pack

Need inspiration?

The Love Food Hate Waste website is a great place to start your research, but make sure you do your own search for information too!

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