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Positive Connections

How might we support young people to use technology responsibly in ways that develop positive relationships?


How should you approach this design brief?

Your design brief is to: Design a proposal which helps young people use technology responsibly in ways that develop positive relationships.

  • Conduct some research to find out about the benefits and potential risks of communicating online. You could start by looking at the website for the UK Safer Internet Centre
  • Think about how much time you spend online. Do you notice changes in how you feel as a result of using particular apps or spending a lot of time online? What might cause these changes?
  • Speak to your teacher to decide the best way to find out about other people’s experiences and views of communicating online. For example, you could prepare questions and hold a discussion group supported by your teacher, or you could speak to members of your family.
  • What are the positive things about being online and using digital technologies? How can you promote these positive things while making sure people are informed about the risks of being online?

Here are some examples of proposals that could meet this design brief:

  1. A toolkit designed by young people for young people, to help them make better decisions online.
  2. A service that offers workshops run by young people for young people to regularly talk about online wellbeing, friendship and digital responsibility.
  3. A product that provides reminders and ways of asking for support from peers, parents and carers.