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Audio files

Category 1: ‘Fashioning a Circular Future audio’ by Lily Cole

(excerpt length: 1:00, originally recorded in September 2019)



Our love of fashion fuels a global industry, employing millions around the world. But this current system also drives pollution and waste. Circular economy principles offer a way to change this: Instead of our ‘take, make, waste’ model we should be finding ways to make clothes last longer and stay in use; ensuring that materials don’t damage the environment; and ensuring that materials can be recovered and used again. To achieve this, we need to mobilise thousands of designers around the world to help change the system.


Category 2: ‘What Can I Do to Make a Difference?’ By Mike Berners Lee

(excerpt length: 1:06, originally recorded in May 2019)


In an age of global climate emergency, it’s sometimes hard to see what any single individual could do to make a difference. But sustainability expert Mike Berners-Lee argues that each of us has the power to contribute to positive change: by living as sustainably as possible, by influencing others around us to do the same, and by demanding more of our political representatives.


Aug 2019 – Briefs launch online + registration opens

Mon 20 Jan 2020 – Competition opens for submissions via

4 pm GMT, Wed 12 Feb 2020 – Deadline for Early Bird submission at reduced entry fee of £25

4 pm GMT, Wed 11 Mar 2020 – Final deadline for online registration and submission (£35 entry fee)

Mar - May 2020 – Judging (2 stages: shortlisting and interviews with finalists)

June 2020 – Awards Ceremony


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