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Call for ideas

The Call for Ideas focuses on practical action that could improve the ways we eat, farm, and regenerate our environment and countryside communities.

Before making this call, we’ve reviewed over 1,000 existing proposals. We assessed proposals to highlight patterns and gaps in existing evidence.

We found that proposals are often in silos. Many proposals are simply for further strategies and plans - ‘proposals for proposals’. While some topics are relatively neglected, overall we found a rich diversity of ideas, informed by a wide range of experience.

Read about what we learned from the review and explore the 1,000 proposals yourself through our interactive charts.

Now we want to know what you think. We want you to tell us what we have missed or misunderstood in our review, and we want you to suggest practical ideas of your own. This is a key opportunity to shape the Commission’s thinking, research and reports - you can also explore other ways to get involved.

We want you to suggest how to address the challenges you see or experience, such as those we set out in our launch report. Which ideas should our Commission explore in-depth and develop? We want to find out the big ideas that might get missed because they don’t fit neatly in one department or sector, because they seem too difficult, or because the people they’d benefit don’t have a voice.


Please tell us by completing the survey below by 12 noon on 31st May 2018.

You can also email us at


If you want to suggest changes to the assessment we made in our review (read more about our methods), you can access the full table of policies reviewed, make your own comments against it, and email your version to us.