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Devolved Nation inquiry in Wales

Our focus in Wales has been to use the opportunities afforded by the distinctive Welsh policy framework to make more rapid progress towards sustainable practices. The Wellbeing of Future Generations (Wales) Act (WFGA) 2015 is a progressive component of Welsh policy making.

It requires public bodies – such as local authorities, health boards and organisations like the Arts and Sports Councils of Wales – to put long-term sustainability at the forefront of their thinking, and work with each other along with other relevant organisations (such as third sector groups) and the public to prevent and tackle problems.

To create a more sustainable Wales, public bodies must work towards seven Well-being Goals and enact the five Ways of Working listed below:




Led by Professor Jane Davidson, and supported by Menter a Busnes, the FFCC inquiry in Wales is focussed on how public procurement can work more effectively, to support the seven goals. Specifically, we’re working on procuring food for the ‘public plate’, in partnership with Welsh growers and producers, and in doing so, ensure Welsh production is supported and helped to change towards more sustainable farming systems

Better public procurement is a topic central to the Commission’s broader inquiries. Here, the focus in on where practical progress can be made, when the policy levers line up and intentions are aligned. Designed as an ‘action learning’ project (where participants meet to improve a situation by taking action and learning from it) a public service leaders group is convening in West Wales, with the support of Cardiff University, and a farmers, growers and producers group is convening in North Wales. This way we can explore issues on both sides of the contracting relationship.

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