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Join the conversation at home

The food we eat, the way we farm, and our countryside are part of all our lives. Every time we put food on the table, turn on a tap or go for a walk in the hills.

Together we can explore what we value about our food. We can discuss how to support our farming and rural communities. We can find ways to invest in the nature and countryside that surround us. Let’s build a vision for the future of food, farming and the countryside.

The Commission is already out on the road visiting people in communities across the UK, to listen to their concerns, hopes and ideas. Our researchers are travelling by bicycle to meet people where they live and work to find out what matters to them. 

You can see where we’ve been, who we’ve talked to, and where we’re going next. Follow #FFCContheroad. We want to make sure everyone has a chance to be part of the conversation but as hard as we might pedal, our bike can only go so far. That’s where #FFCCathome comes in.

We’d love for you to join the conversation. We have four questions for you to answer. You can respond with words, images or video by yourself. Or you can host a conversation with your friends, family and community about what matters most to you in the food we eat, the way we farm and how we use our countryside.

The conversation can be as quick or long as you want it to be. You can talk around a kitchen table or side-by-side on a walk. You can gather your neighbours or answer the questions by yourself. You can talk about what’s happening down the road or about decisions that are being made nationally.

Whatever feels right for you. What matters is that we hear from you. This is your chance to add your voice to the conversation.

Tell us how it went and let us know your answers. Your responses will directly inform our research and help build a shared vision for the future.

Download our PDF guide to get started (PDF, 983KB)

How to join the conversation:

  1. Invite who you want to talk to about our food, farming and the countryside. It might be friends, family, colleagues, or neighbours. Or simply respond yourself in your own time. You might talk at home or a local cafe.

  2. Don’t forget to have the four questions to hand. If you want, you can print our guide

  3. Then answer the questions – on your own or with others. Take photos. Record video clips. Jot down your ideas.

  4. Tell us how it went by filling in the form on the website and adding links for your photos and videos

  5. Tell others on social media and follow the conversation with the hashtag #FFCCathome

Our questions for you:

  • Share a memory about food.
    Is this an early memory? Or a significant experience in your life?

  • Over your lifetime, what has changed about how you choose to eat?
    Has new knowledge changed how you eat? Or have the food choices available to you changed?

  • What comes to mind when you picture the UK countryside?
    What do you love about it? What has changed for the better? For the worse? Does it matter to you?

  • In 2030, how do you hope we will feed ourselves?

Feedback form:

Tell us how it went by filling in the form on the website and adding links for your photos and video.