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What makes a community feel like home? 
How does local history shape local identity? 
Can a sense of belonging make a place better to live in?

The RSA is exploring what heritage means to local people, and how heritage can improve lives.

What is heritage?

You might think of local history, historic buildings, and museums. Heritage is all those things. We think it can also be much more: places, landscapes, ideas, events, traditions, food, sport, industries, accents, and many other things.

We don’t believe there is one fixed heritage for any place or people.

Places that don’t fit a ‘traditional idea’ of heritage can still be rich in heritage. Communities that have often been overlooked can be part of defining local identity.

RSA Heritage Work

The RSA Heritage Index

The RSA Heritage Index

Mapping the UK’s heritage assets and activities – the RSA Heritage Index brings together over 120 data sets to show where our heritage is at the local level.

The RSA Heritage Index is a resource for local communities to help them get the most of out of their heritage assets.

The RSA Heritage Index is supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

Explore the maps or download the full data.

Heritage and Inclusive Growth

Heritage and Inclusive Growth

How can heritage improve lives in local places? From creating jobs to encouraging participation, heritage has huge potential to help communities.

The RSA’s work on Heritage and Inclusive Growth is about how to make sure that economic growth driven by heritage is sustainable, with benefits for everyone in the local community, not just a few.

Supported by the British Council and the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

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The RSA Heritage Network

The RSA Heritage Network

The RSA Heritage Network is a national group of RSA Fellows working on Heritage issues. 

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