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How to get involved in your local heritage

There are a number of ways you can strengthen heritage where you live, bringing the historic environment to life and helping others interpret the strengths of local heritage.

Heritage Ambassadors

Heritage Ambassadors

Are you an RSA Fellow with an interest in local heritage? Join our growing number of Heritage Ambassadors to help galvanise support for heritage in your local community.


Become a Heritage Ambassador

Take the lead

Heritage starts with people like you. There are many ways to lead your community in recognising and celebrating heritage – we’ve highlighted a few below that count towards local Heritage Index scores.

  • Use social media to upload photos, text or video about the history of a place, using Historypin, and ensure that all information on historic plaques is up to date.

  • Help shape a neighbourhood plan to guide the policies you want to shape development in your area in the future

  • Consider the heritage assets in your area that could be listed as an Asset of Community Value (ACV). The Department for Communities and Local Government is currently running a campaign to get more heritage assets listed as ACV’s. This offers protection to local assets and means that communities could bid to own them in the future, should they come up for sale; see

  • Help farmers and food businesses designate local food and cuisine to get protection for its local status from the European Commission

Get involved

It’s the smallest activity that can help bolster your communities’ heritage and the RSA focuses is on improving access and diversifying the heritage sector but expanding the remit of what counts as heritage.

Making the most of your local heritage assets is easy, whether it’s visiting museums and archives, attending Open House events, or volunteering…all of this is counted as heritage activity in the Heritage Index and is an easy way to bolster your local score and support your heritage.