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Case Studies

The interactive map below contains a number of national and international case studies collected as part of the Inclusive Growth Commission’s evidence gathering. This is a live tool and will be regularly updated.

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  • HelsinkiThe overarching strategy to achieve inclusive growth is articulated in the City of Helsinki Strategy programme 2013 -2016. Its key themes include: wellbeing for everyone, especially for the older and immigrant populations, a city which is functional and sustainable, and which also remains a hub of both economic and social activity.



  • Malmo - The Comprehensive Plan for Malmo envisions Malmö as a socially, environmentally and economically sustainable city where social sustainability is defined as “securing every citizen’s basic needs such as employment, education, safety and healthcare, but it also includes other aspects such as democratic participation, having a sense of belonging and opportunities for creative expression.”



  • Bradford - Get Bradford Working is an Employment Investment Programme for the Bradford District. It draws together key initiatives which tackle the issues and barriers facing Bradford’s residents in the labour market.
  • Newcastle - Newcastle City Council’s Council Plan is built around a practical vision for a ‘Working City’ – one that “creates good quality jobs and helps local people develop the skills to do them.”

Read our deep dive case studies on Newcastle and Bradford in Inclusive Growth for people and places: challenges and opportunities



  • New York City - In response to rising inequality and poverty in one of the world’s most successful cities in the world, the mayor Bill de Blasio launched the NYC Career Pathways Framework.
  • Pittsburgh - A long-term strategic plan which sought to remake the Pittsburgh economy, with a focus on concentrating resources according to local needs.

Find out more about what can be learnt from inclusive growth strategies in New York and Pittsburgh.