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Open Call for Evidence

The RSA Inclusive Growth Commission has been designed to understand and identify practical ways to make local economies across the UK more economically inclusive and prosperous. The Commission will be an authoritative, independent inquiry that will report in March 2017.

The inquiry will hear from a diverse range of individuals and organisations in cities and towns across the UK. Through a combination of formal evidence hearings, seminars, research and citizen engagement, the Commission will seek to make practical recommendations as to how places can create more resilient, dynamic and inclusive local economies.

As part of our programme of evidence collection, we invite all interested parties to share with us relevant information, ideas and comments with regard to the Commission’s three main research themes:

1.    Economy 

More inclusive, productive labour markets

  • How can we enable as many people as possible to contribute to, and benefit from, local economic success?

  • How can we overcome social, gender, health and other barriers to accessing local labour markets?

  • How might more inclusive economies make places more productive and reduce demand for some public services over the long term?

  • How can we shape cities and neighbourhoods to encourage a more entrepreneurial culture?

 2.    Place 

Dynamic, resilient places

  • What are the characteristics of success at different geographic levels – city-region, city, neighbourhood – and how do these vary across the UK?

  • How can all places create a viable model for sustainable, dynamic and inclusive place-based growth?

  • How might places within and at the periphery of major urban centres cenapitalise on the potential of existing devolution deals?

  • What additional powers and flexibilities might be needed to give places the ability to respond more effectively to the complexities of their economic geography?

3.    Governance

Creating system change

  • How might we re-structure central and local public financing and related systems, so services support each other more effectively and decisions are made with a longer term time horizon in mind?

  • What type of metrics for inclusive growth can be developed to support this?

  • How can financial and fiscal risks be mitigated in places beyond the major metropolitan areas?

  • How will Whitehall and the Devolved Administrations need to adapt?

  • What are the barriers to achieving system and culture change?

Submitting Evidence

Individuals, organisations and other interested parties are invited to submit written evidence in response to these key themes and research questions to

Written evidence will be accepted from 28th April 2016 until 31st December 2016, ensuring that all submissions can be processed ahead of the publication of our final report in March 2017.

To discuss further, please contact Charlotte Alldritt, Director of the Inclusive Growth Commission and RSA Public Services and Communities via