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Traditional institutions in politics, civil society, and the commercial world are facing growing external threat and challenge. Often they become resistant to such pressures, gradually losing public legitimacy in the process. Major institutions severely impact our collective well-being for the better or worse. We help enable such institutions to generate public value. The RSA also provides leadership to challenge institutions that stubbornly resist change to positively and creatively adapt in a highly transparent, accountable and complex external environment.

We pursue this in a number of ways:

  • A consultancy approach working with individual organisations or groups of organisations.

  • Working with partners to identify wider institutional changes that are needed to create public value.

  • Independent reviews or commissions to investigate particular bodies or areas of public interest.

  • Public blogs, articles and events to promote the means of institutional reform in the public interest.

This RSA project is working in partnership with Police Federation, BMA and Google.