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  • Picture of Ed Matthews-Gentle FRSA
    Ed Matthews-Gentle FRSA
    Senior Programmes Officer, Culture & Creative Industries, Creative Lancashire
  • Adolescence
  • Creativity
  • Sustainability
  • Fellowship in Action
  • Youth engagement

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  • The festival was excellent and a vibrant example of how people, coming together around a shared interest in creativity, can generate something special.   The engagement across generations was notable and exciting, and while the high profile and internationally recognised talent was great to see, it was the reach into multiple lives, families and communities that made this special.  Sorry I did not read this until after the events and therefore could not share to reach even more - but a superb example of how collaboration can bring enthusiasm and burgeoning interest into contact with experience, talent and the energy of those at the forefront of their specialism.  A synergy that will inspire and lead to greater engagement and a sense that everyone can be involved.

  • Education is everywhere, where notions of culture, science, emotional intelligence and other such features which serve all human beings in life are developed (including Art and Technologies). Our focus is at that crucial time when girls especially fall out of the system, namely in the transitions between primary and secondary schools, secondary school and university, and university and the workplace. ICTs and Art are especially interesting subjects as in this arena, like elsewhere, there is a phenomenon called the “leaky pipeline”, where although girls and women are interested, trained and employed, they soon fall out to the "detriment of society". 

    In the public eye the media should be educated by schools, universities, businesses and governments alike to consider more positive educational activities and a change of language and strategies about women in technology and in art, to showcase more positive examples and encourage more girls and women to select those subjects. It is the joint effort of both genders, male and female, that will encourage societies to change and be more inclusive, so that girls and women can play their full part in the ICT and Art arena.Thank you for your effort!

    Agata e.mail