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At the RSA, we unite people and ideas to resolve the challenges of our time.

History has shown that crisis can be an opportunity for positive change and we believe that this crisis is no different. The challenge of Covid-19 requires new ideas, insights and initiatives that not only respond at scale to the immediate circumstances but also build bridges to recovery and to a better future after the crisis has passed.

In Bridges to the Future we want to bring people together to unlock ideas and innovation in the areas of society that must thrive so we can live well. To identify how the world could, and should, change after this pandemic.

What are the Bridges?

Now and over the coming weeks, we are exploring five key areas that sit at the heart of our recovery and our Bridges to the Future focus on aspects of these areas which will help build a better future.

We are exploring each bridge in detail to unlock what’s needed to shape our recovery and identify a path to the future. Developing the dialogue further, harnessing the skills, expertise and interests of our community and examining what this means in the areas of society that must thrive so we can live well and meet this challenge.

Creating the space to realise change

We will connect you to these ideas via our blogs, articles and reports and also to renowned thinkers, leading experts and global leaders through our online public events and our ‘Bridges to the Future’ podcast.

There is also a space where you can contribute your ideas or plans for projects which can help deliver real change in the world as well as online events which bring the Fellows, who make up our global community of 30,000, together.

Sign up to find out how you can join our community and help build bridges to a better, more resilient future.