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Cities of Learning is an initiative to help young people in Brighton and Plymouth showcase what they know with a suite of Digital Badges. Here’s a step-by-step guide of how to get yours.

What are badges?

Badges are a way for you to share skills online and a prompt to help you talk about your skills and experiences in person.

We know many skills are developed outside of the classroom but aren’t recognised, that’s why learning providers all over Plymouth and Brighton have designed badges to recognise participation in their activities.

The badges are tagged with core skills to help show the knowledge, skills and attitudes you have learned through that experience and create a fuller picture of your abilities in an online portfolio or your next interview.

What kind of activity is being badged?

All kinds of learning activities from the local learning providers, schools, youth organisations, charities are being recognised with badges as part of Cities of Learning.
You can see the full list of badges on offer in Plymouth here and Brighton here.

Interested in building your own profile of badges? Here’s how.

1.Take part in a learning activity

This could be online or in person. 
We suggest you make sure the email address your learning provider has for you is up to date so your badge makes it to you!

2. Look out for an email from Acclaim.

The learning provider will send your badge as soon as possible.

No email? Make sure you check your spam folder, then get in touch with the provider.

3. Open the email and click ‘Accept’ or the link

You’ve now claimed your first badge, congratulations !

To get the most out of your badges? Follow steps 4 and 5.

4. Turn on auto-accept

Don’t want to manually claim other badges from your Provider? No problem, just switch on Auto accept in the settings section and press save.

5. Share 

Now share your badge with your networks, you’ll never know who could be looking for people with skills like yours. 

Since you know how to claim your badge, check out our blog on how to add them to your CV to really impress your employer.

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