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Become a City of Learning

Why should you join the Cities of Learning movement?

Cities of Learning amplifies the potential of your city's learning ecosystem, improving economic, social and individual wellbeing.

Getting involved with us could help you achieve a step change in your work or address regional priorities that need further support. 

Here are some examples of issues that the Cities of Learning model can help you with;

  • Addressing challenges around reach and access to existing STEAM and digital offers
  • Building the profile of all educational opportunities in your area
  • Connecting school leavers without formal qualifications to development opportunities
  • Building new partnerships across your region/city and developing insights to enhance your current work
  • Adopting a framework to drive your inclusive growth or cultural regeneration strategy
  • Engaging in technology that can provide a powerful means to communicate learning and skill

Process for becoming a City of Learning

Our Offering

  • Services: Programme design, training,  accreditation, marketing support, programme development, City onboarding, national partnerships, impact evaluation, knowledge sharing
  • Product: licenses for navigatr app, badges issuing, access to national badge pathways, training.
  • Network: Community of practice, knowledge sharing events, pathways sharing, regional development, fundraising support

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Get in touch to learn more about Cities of Learning and what's happening in your local area.

Join an established City of Learning

Join a network of learning providers and employers, to develop a collective vision for learning that responds to local priorities and strengthens community engagement.

Find out how it works

Cities of Learning captures all the learning that’s hidden in a city and makes it visible via a digital app.