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Joining as a pilot programme in 2017, this pioneering city is leading the way in becoming one of the first cities in the UK and globally to call itself a ‘City of Learning’.

Brighton is a growing hub for the creative, cultural and digital economy with a vast tourism, retail and hospitality offer.

Since starting the programme, city leaders, learning providers and employers of Brighton have been working hard with the RSA and Navigatr to create digital badges and inclusive pathways specifically supporting young people - to enter, shape and interact with the city’s vibrant creative and cultural sector.

They are particularly focused on highlighting opportunities for 18-24 year olds under the themes 'Experience economy' and 'Creative and digital economy'.


Delivery partners

Future Creators (formerly Our Future City) is taking this work forward in Brighton and is a collective of organisations spanning the creative industries, local business, charity, education, arts and heritage, health and social services.

Through Cities of Learning, Future Creators are driving a sustained shift in the recognition of informal learning and are empowering young people to develop their creative potential, skills and voice by personalising their learning journey to help them build fulfilling futures.


We are developing a strongly connected and cohesive learning ecosystem supported by employers, formal and informal learning. Cities of Learning will provide a unique focal point and offer a tangible way to join-up the rich variety of opportunities offered to young people within a more coherent, progressive structure and crucially help to secure a creative and diverse talent pipeline.

Peter Chivers

Director, Future Creators

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