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Education & Industry Workshop

We are excited to share with you the footage from a series of lightning talks with BFI, Creative Industries Federation, Roundhouse and others to share insights about opportunities and trends in the creative sector.

The workshop was focused on programmes being offered for young people to develop industry relevant skills, and the barriers impacting diversity in the industry. These talks will be especially relevant to those of you working to improve opportunities for young people in the creative sectors, whether or not you are making a Cities of Learning London Competition application.

The Cities of Learning model looks at address barriers raised by our speakers, and increase participation in self-development and employment opportunities for all.

Speakers included:

  • Sarah Gregory, Head of Creative Careers at Creative Industries Federation
  • Ralph Blunden, Relationships Manager at LinkedIn
  • Jenny Holloway, CEO at Fashion-Enter
  • Lucy Nicholls, Education Programme Manager at Roundhouse