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How to recognise local learning with Open Badges

A group of London council, charity and civic institution representatives joined us at the RSA for the second in a series of workshops around the Cities of Learning London Competition.

Participants were able to deepen their understanding of how Open Badges and digital learning pathways can recognise learning wherever it is happening, help learners communicate their capabilities and provide them with strong foundations for progressing along their own personalised learning journey. 

Participants from across London discussed hidden learning that was happening in their borough and explored how Open Badges can act as a tool to making that learning more visible.

A brief history of Open Badges and how the Cities of Learning approach leverages them to build better progression routes towards positive destinations helped them to start thinking about what their own visions for what a Borough of Learning might look like in terms of badges and pathways. 

As we travel this journey with prospective applicants, the Cities of Learning team are excited to deepen their understanding of how boroughs in London can benefit from a Cities of Learning approach to connect young people to learning, self-development and work opportunities in the creative and cultural industries.

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