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Keeping our community informed, inspired & connected  during the coronavirus crisis and ensuring we come together to Build Bridges to the Future. 

Connecting you to leading thinkers, through our online public events, new Podcast series ‘Bridges to the Future’ hosted by Matthew Taylor and our YouTube channel.

We’ve handed over our Wazoku platform for you to build projects and share expertise, taken our meet ups and Fellows events online and opened up mini-grants via Catalyst to get our Fellows projects started.

The immense challenge of coronavirus will require new ideas, insights and initiatives that respond at scale to the immediate circumstances and build bridges to recovery and for our future.

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For anyone looking for ways to support communities and projects.   

If you have an idea to share, project you want to build or get off the ground, or would like to help others' projects grow, then our Wazoku platform is there for you to do this.

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RSA Research: responding to COVID-19 

'Respond at scale, build bridges to the future'

The following ideas capture emergent thinking from the RSA Research and Impact team on ways the UK should respond to the coronavirus and build bridges for the future.

  • Get cash to people now and build the social contract of  the future - Get cash to people now including a Basic Income for the self employed, agency and gig workers. A basis for a new social contract.
  • A fiscal stimulus for community - Support civil society infrastructure now and in the future aligned to local services and needs.
  • Establish a new 'schools plus' education service - Support learning environments in school and at home through investment, support and voluntarism. Narrow stark educational inequalities.
  • Support agility in health, care and neighbourhood services - Use technology, new management practices to support communities and tap into the enormous surge in volunteering that we are witnessing.
  • A 'beyond GDP' stimulus - As we move into recovery phase concentrate stimulus on green and socially good growth. Let's use the recovery when it comes to chart a different course. 

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In the spirit of responding now whilst having one eye on the horizon, the RSA team has been considering what sort of responses could be useful.

Anthony Painter

Chief Research and Impact Officer

A ‘year of stabilisation’ to build bridges to the future

A ‘year of stabilisation’ to build bridges to the future

People, businesses and communities need certainty so we can make plans and be as proactive as it is possible to be, argue Matthew Taylor and Anthony Painter.

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How we build bridges to the future

We would love to hear thoughts, ideas, concerns, observations and reflections from RSA Fellows and others.

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How we build bridges to the future

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