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Collaborate with RSA Fellows

At the RSA we want to provide our Fellows with a platform to help you unlock and tackle the challenges this crisis is causing: from disruption to education, isolation of the vulnerable, strains on supply chains, to issues around mobility and exercise.

It’s only through a collective effort to innovate and collaborate that we can address the challenges we suddenly face and build bridges to the future.


What is Wazoku?

Wazoku is an online collaboration platform for anyone looking for ways to support communities and projects. If you’ve an idea to share, or have a project you want to build or get off the ground, then Wazoku allows you to create a space to do this.

Alternatively, if you want to offer your expertise or time to help an idea grow, simply browse through the ideas and offer help where possible.

Share and support projects now

Head over to the Wazoku platform to exchange ideas, collaborate and unlock support for projects responding to the Coronavirus crisis.

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