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David Butler, vice-president of innovation and entrepreneurship, The Coca-Cola Company; Sevra Davis, Associate Director of Design, RSA

Scale and agility are essential to every company's success. But large established businesses are in danger of not being able to adapt quickly enough, while even the most nimble startups fail due to their inability to scale. Knowing how to combine the two, is the key to business sustainability and growth.

For over a century, The Coca-Cola Company has used design to scale its flagship brand to over 200 countries. But the company is still learning. Over the last decade, it has focused on mastering how to use design to create agility - something most established businesses struggle with.

At the RSA, Coca-Cola's vice president of Innovation and Entrepreneurship David Butler gives an unprecedented behind-the-scenes look at the company's design-led strategy for growth. And he reveals how any business or individual, from large corporation to entrepreneur just getting started, can use the same approach to get to the next level.

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