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Andy Gibson, author of A Mind for Business and Founder of Mindapples, Euan Semple, writer, consultant and social media pioneer

We rely on our minds for everything we do, but how many of us really understand how to get the best from them to work effectively and sustainably?

Employers are talking more and more about wellbeing and resilience, but few are really clear on how to invest in the minds of their staff. Stress and anxiety levels are continuing to rise - affecting not only our individual health, but also our national productivity.

Andy Gibson, author of A Mind for Business and Founder of  Mindapples, visits the RSA to argue that the time has come for us to put the needs of our minds at the heart of how we run our businesses, and will present a compelling case for why understanding our minds is now a core skill that is essential for having a healthy and successful life.

Drawing from several years' of experience advising some of the most successful businesses in the world, and campaigning around the country for better public mental health, Andy will present some of the central concepts that businesses need to know to get the best from their staff, and will discuss why the current language of wellbeing, happiness and even employee engagement may be underselling a vital aspect of how we live and work.

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