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Janan Ganesh, Columnist for the Financial Times; Miranda Green, Journalist who specialises in politics and education; Tim Bale, Academic, author, and political commentator; Anthony Painter, Director of Policy and Strategy

It comes down to this - does the voting public want change, or more of the same?

The is going to be the tightest general election in decades, with some commentators even predicting a dead heat between Labour and the Conservatives. The pollsters are fairly evenly divided, although most agree that a majority is looking very difficult for anyone at this stage.

The days of election landslides are far behind us, but will we be looking at another Conservative coalition government with the Liberal Democrats? Does Labour have an inbuilt electoral advantage? Do voters find Ed Miliband sufficiently prime-ministerial to take the reins? Has Cameron alienated the public with unpopular austerity policies, or does the public still blame Labour? How will UKIP fare?

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