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Alice Oswald, Award-winning poet; Ruth Padel, Award-winning British poet and author; George The Poet, BRITs Critic’s Choice Award nominee; Simon Barraclough, Poet and the 2014 writer-in-residence at the Mullard Space Science Laboratory; John Agard, Poet, playwright, and recipient of the Queen's Gold Medal for Poetry in 2012; Grace Nichols, Poet, playwright and winner of the Commonwealth Poetry Prize; Tom Chivers, Poet and director of Penned in the Margins; Selina Nwulu Educationalist, writer and poet; Sarah Warne, Film and arts composer and multi-instrumentalist; Rachel McCarthy, Senior climate scientist at the Met Office and Poet Laureate's Choice 2015

The RSA's report on the seven dimensions of climate change discusses the various causes and ramifications of our collective inertia. Intellectually we 'get it', and yet we still cannot close the yawning gulf between our knowledge and our day-to-day behaviour. In trying to close that chasm between cognition and action, we need a different sort of provocation. We need something to electrify us, move us, spur us on, trip us up.

In the fourth of our series of innovative events on climate change, we are abandoning the logic of reasoned argument, and searching for a more emotional and intuitive way in to the problem. Join us for this one-off assembly of the country's most talented and prolific poets and writers - each of whom will be bringing the full force of their creative power to provoke us into action.

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