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Are jokes pro-social acts? I guess it depends on their content and the context of their telling. It is as hard to make up jokes as design pro-social experiments. Although I love hearing and telling jokes I have only ever made up three, and one of those was this morning. Here they are:

‘Why do rabbits care about the Government’s finances?

Because they are worried about the size of the public sector burrowing requirement’

(This joke is losing its already limited appeal as HMG long since stopped using PSBR as a measure.)

Man: Doctor, doctor I am invisible until I eat my lunch

Doctor: I’m sorry, I can’t see you until this afternoon’

And this morning’s joke:

‘I have made friends with an amoeba who is into boxing and martial arts. I am trying to get him to buy my car.

It’s proving to be a hard cell’.

I know these aren’t very good but they are mine. I am intrigued as to how many other people can claim to have actually invented (rather than just rediscovered or retold) a joke.


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