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Throughout its 250-year history the RSA has been guided by the belief that creative ideas can come from anywhere not just from those in authority. That is why the RSA’s very first initiatives were Premiums – the offer of cash prizes to anyone who could find solutions to pressing economic and social problems no matter what their background.

It is this spirit that continues to inspire the RSA today and explains why we are proud to partner with the Fairbanking Foundation and the Barrow Cadbury Trust on this publication, written by Charles Leadbeater and Antony Elliott.

The report reveals, in very practical terms, how the deeply troubled financial sector could be transformed by learning from the commercial insurgents banging on the gates of the banking fortress. These companies and initiatives are tiny when compared financially to the behemoths controlling global banking but they are giants in terms of creativity and customer care.

As the report states, banking has a once in a lifetime opportunity to change for the better. By learning from the newest players and by allowing them to grow, that change can be built around an inspiring vision of the future with the customers’ interests at its heart.