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As I prepare for a trip to India - more on this shortly - I am greatly cheered by the first responses to the blog. One came through from Bill Stott welcoming this more human form of communication and also advocating the irreverent, sometimes cynical accessibility of the cartoon as a way of exploring socio-economic and cultural issues. Yes!

Richard, I agree with you too - we need the Romantic tradition to continue amongst a plurality of perspectives and means of addressing what seem sometimes to be pretty intractable challenges. My concerns come when the balance tips into this at the expense of artists' engagement with the political, economic, social and behavioural. There is so much value too in artists challenging and subverting as the means of exploration. We are launching a new series - Arts & Ecology Exchanges - in the New Year and then the new Arts & Ecology Online which will centre on public conversation.

I am more than happy for this blog to be used as a place for comments like these so that we are responding to interests and concerns, rather than plotting on our own. If anyone would also like to be on our database, please let me know.

Of interest if you don't know, YASMIN hosts a significant amount of discourse on climate change and art.


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