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Tomorrow morning I fly to India - expending carbon emissions in the context of today's UN warnings of catastrophe - so I know I need to make the trip valuable. As I write, the radio has the voice of an MP saying we had better get our act together since the UN report says the world is warming faster than was previously thought.

The reason for going to India is that PAL (Performing Arts Lab) in partnership with RSA Arts & Ecology and the CEE (Centre for Environment Education) is running a workshop at a big UNESCO / Government of India three day conference in Ahmedabad. The theme of climate change runs throughout all the sessions. With British Council support, we have brought together artists, designers and educationalists to propose a collective long term initiative to bring about positive change. Have a look at the CEE site through the link above to see the scope of the conference including the names of people participating. Before this, I am accompanying MA students from the Royal College of Art to meet artists in Delhi and in Mumbai - it will be interesting to hear their ideas for addressing the raft of challenges. I will let you know. Meanwhile if you have expereience of the relationship between art, climate change and education, we would be very interested.

While I am away, and actually from now on, other members of the arts team will be contributing news, comments and questions.


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