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Posted for Tez

The Sun’s headline called it ‘Con Air’. Costing £2 million, a new national prison radio station has been approved by the Ministry of Justice. NTL has won a 3 year exclusive deal to broadcast across all prison authorities in the U.K. The show will go out for 12 hours a day and will include educational programmes and messages.

I read that Shadow justice minister Edward Garnier would prefer prisoners to be working rather than lying on their beds listening to messages all day. The ironic thing is, we prisoners would like to be out working or doing something ‘purposeful’! But the reality is that keeping us locked up for longer saves money – a reported £17m – so if it's likely to happen then shouldn’t the time be used for something other than listening to music stations.

Prison radio has existed for years thanks to organisations like the Prison Radio Association, helping prisoners to deal with a whole range of issues. This new national station will be broadcasting “specifically targeted audio content addressing a range of issues including induction, resettlement, health and exercise, drug awareness, family relationships, employment and finance – all factors identified as key to reducing re-offending”. The prison radio will provide a unique and innovative way to engage prisoners in education, especially those reluctant or disenfranchised from other more traditional forms of education. And it provides a chance for the prisoners’ voice to be heard, a voice that is often asked for but rarely sought after.

Some of the funding is coming out of money saved from prisoners being behind their doors for longer. And if it can go towards helping prisoners learn new skills that will help them in the uphill struggle of gaining future employment and in reducing re-offending, then why not??!


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