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In reverse order, three nice design metaphors just to show how design permeates everything:

In reverse order, three nice design metaphors just to show how design permeates everything:

Alex Evans and David Stevens's Resilience Doctrine  claims that the next 20 years will be driven by an unpredictable interplay between abundance and scarcity. As information and connections become more abundant, time becomes more scarce. Their metaphor for the crucial instructions for how to combine the once-scarce-now-abundant resources spreading widlly as a result of connections and information, is "recipes". Their insouciant shorthand for recipes in the next sentence is "design". Design as recipe: not bad.

Here's a lovely one from Jason Epstein reviewing Anthony Flint's book about the battle between Jane Jacobs and Robert Moses over the Lower Manhattan Expressway in the 1950s. "...but the revitalisation of Manhattan demanded the artistry of a watchmaker. Moses's tools were raw political power, federal money, and Radiant City ideology". Urban planner as watchmaker: very good.

And finally Michael Chabon, in a New York Review article excerpted from his new book, Manhood for Amateurs: The Wilderness of Childhood , makes a beautifully supported claim that "Childhood is a branch of cartography". The literal and metaphorical "wilderness" of childhood has shrunk to mere scraps of green, "certified zones of safety", "jolly internment centres planned by adults". No exploring to be done, no adventure to be had, no map for a child to draw either as a paper or psychological entity. Chabon's chilling prediction is that this contraction of wilderness and childhood freedom-to-roam will extinguish the world of stories. A perfect illustration by Maurice Sendak accompanies it. Childhood as cartography: best of three.

That's all from me until September. For recreational self-improvement I'm taking The Rest is Noise: Listening to the 20th Century by Alex Ross, The Road by Cormac McCarthy, the Associated Board Baroque Keyboard Pieces Book IV, the Beethoven sonata it's taken me a year to learn and ongoing hexagonal patchwork. I look forward to prize livestock and rural collectivism at the Union Fair. For health I pledge to swim the lake every day and subsist as far as possible on only the local superfoods: Maine lobster and blueberries.


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