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I love acronyms; I think it’s the challenge that they present in guessing what they could and do stand for. 

The RSA like the CJS is no stranger to acronyms and is one of the many joys of working here.  But this is taking us down a different path to the intended point of this blog.

I was filmed today for the new RSA Fellowship Council website.  It was my first flavour of fame and I hated it. Well, I enjoyed it really except the part where I watched it back and realised that yes, I do sound like a horse chipmunk when I talk.

Anyway. Getting involved in the new Council and thinking through what the new Charter might mean to the RSA and the work of its Projects Department got me thinking about the Fellow involvement in the Prison Learning Network. As I’ve said before, we were so fortunate with the level of expertise that existed within the FRSA and the generosity of those who got involved in the project.

Fellows informing the work has been crucial to the development of the final report and the recommendations (due autumn 2009). But what happens after it? How can Fellows in the CJS mobilise around these recommendations, meet, share information, develop new approaches, move things forward etc?

There is so much potential. Do you want to work with other Fellows to meet it?

I am a little biased, but I think that the Fellowship Charter and Council would be a good start and if you want to be involved in the development of this then I’d suggest signing up as soon as you can. It’s going to get exciting folks!


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