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Ok, so more to do with technology than design or behaviour, but just a little post to say that yesterday I kept a Twitterfall page open that displayed the tweets tagged with the #debill tag (referring to the UK's Digital Economy Bill) as it passed the third reading in the House of Commons.

Almost without exception, the mood of the twittersphere was frustrated with politicians; partly for the low numbers of MPs present the previous night for the second reading, and partly because MPs seemingly failed to “get” the internet, such as this tweet from Ben Hammersley. At one point another person’s tweet suggested that the number of tweets about the Digital Economy Bill dwarfed that of the UK election, indicating the twittersphere (that presumably many politicians will be relying on in the coming weeks after President Obama’s demonstration of the power of “social media” in elections) was much more concerned about the bill than the election.

So I thought I’d do a quick graph, and as the above result shows, they were right!


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