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Here’s an interesting take here on a problem that affects 40 percent of people over the age of 12 years old: the struggle to swallow medication.

One of the winners in this year’s RSA Design Directions Body & Mind student design awards wondered how to translate this problem into a pleasure by looking at familiar, habitual human action associated with pleasure and the "everyday". So your morning dose comes in a measured sachet of jam, spread on toast, without the fear and dread many associate with daily medication.

This story was picked up today by the BBC, who ran the story Student Invents Pain-Killing Jam.

"My grandma struggles to take tablets, because of her age - she is 86 - so I thought this might be a good area to explore," said 22-year-old Andrew.

"With my designs I was trying to look at the most natural things we do as humans, take away the fear and make it as normal a process as possible," Andrew Coghill told the BBC. "So I concentrated on drinking, eating, sucking, nibbling - all the things we do subconsciously without thinking about it."

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