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If you were anywhere but Cardiff this Saturday then you missed something very special. Cardiff hosted the third annual UK Recovery Walk: a visible, proud and amazing celebration of recovery from problem drug and alcohol use.

I could gush about it for hours, but I won’t.  I will keep it brief and to the point – for now:

  1. Recovery is possible

  2. There are incredible stories of hope and inspiration in all parts of the UK (and beyond) that we should all be sharing through our networks to inspire more people to begin their recovery journey, or as a way to support those recovery journey’s already in motion

  3. YOU have a role to play in supporting recovery even if you have never had a problem with drugs or alcohol

  4. It’s not difficult to find out how you can get involved – contact your local drug and alcohol action team or find your local independent recovery group

I have uploaded short video clips from the UK Recovery Walk 2011 to the RSA Recovery Capital pages. I challenge you to watch them and try not to smile. For those of you who have followed the RSA’s Whole Person Recovery Project, you may spot some faces that you recognise.

This was my first recovery walk but by no means my last. Next year will be in Brighton and is being spear-headed by one of our very own Fellows, Brian Morgan.

Will you be there?


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