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Since our new separate blog strands are now going live I thought it only right that I finally haul myself into the blogosphere, however warily. Because you see, I must confess that I am something of a blogophobe. I have never really adapted my working patterns to accommodate blogging. Not having done it on a regular basis, the benefits don't seem immediately apparent, however much my hard-blogging colleagues argue to the contrary.

So for now, to get myself into the discipline, I'm going to make it easy, write in short bursts and focus on what's actually happening - a true "log" to expose the inner workings of RSA enterprise. A while ago my colleague Jamie posted about the idea of posting "weeknotes" to summarise a week's activity. Call this a "daynote"...

Today gives a pretty good snapshot of the breadth of stuff that's happening around enterprise at the RSA, but which perhaps we're not so good at broadcasting. Now you can see why!

So a day in the life looks a bit like this

- This morning I was fiinishing off a research proposal that I worked on last night. We're proposing to map the connectivity and support needs of SMEs in Scotland to help them weather the economic downturn through more effective mutual support

- From that I went to a fascinating meeting where we discussed the growing phenomenon of corporate venturing and its potential role in stimulating the kind of investment in innovation and start-ups our economy so badly needs. Could be something in the offing there.

- slightly late, and having spilt some coffee on myself, I headed to the RSA's cafe to meet a Fellow to discuss a joint project we've been developing about different approaches to social enterprise around the world

- while this has been happening this morning, David Pitt-Watson FRSA, who leads our Tomorrow's Investor project, has been giving evidence on pensions auto-enrolment and NEST to the DWP select committee. David argues that auto enrolment and NEST are in broad concept, well designed; they are perhaps the only chance of providing decent private pensions to poorer people. But the regulation of the industry which will compete with NEST is dangerously ill conceived. Indeed it would seem to abandon almost all consumer protection in the industry. We hope the argument resonates, and perhaps the media will pick it up, as they have in the past

- a sandwich and a few minutes to continue my protracted grieving at England's depressing exit from the rugby world cup by reading fan posts. The I check the network survey we're running to map social innovators, entrepreneurs and assets across the Borough of Camden. The aim is support the innovation fund we've helped Camden develop to foster a more vibrant and innovative voluntary and public sector. Thankfully the response has jumped up and the data should hopefully be rich

- Onto a proposal looking at the importance of investment in human capital investment for the success of long term corporate growth. We've been kicking this idea back and forth for a while so I draft an outline memo proposal and send it to a potential partner in the US

- I go to a briefing where we discuss how we're going to host our event for our social entrepreneurs network> It's called "Survive before you Thrive" and it's there to help 100 or so attending entrepreneurs prioritise their time effectively so that they don't get swamped in the maelstrom that is running a startup.

- Back to my desk to catch up with emails, I write this, and then before I go to the "Thrive event" at 7pm I've just got time from 6-7pm to go to tonight's public RSA lecture in the Great Room. With Dame Ellen McArthur and Stef Kranendjik, CEO of Desso, we're going to be exploring how we can usher in the "circular economy" i.e. one in which far more of our materials and products are continually recycled and reused over multiple cycles. Desso, the furniture manufacturer, have been pioneers in this kind of cradle-to-cradle approach. Should be fascinating

- then I'll dash to the social entrepreneurs event which finishes at 9.

Okay, that took 15 minutes or so. But when during the day was I supposed to blog? I'll learn I guess. Eek I'm late for the lecture. Better go...



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