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The RSA is working with Google and other partners to help young people access suitable employment, education or training opportunities using the internet and other forms of technology.

The ‘Interactivism’ Challenge aims to pull together lots of ideas: anything from a website that directs young people to the job vacancies that suit their interests and skill sets, to a smartphone app which allows them to be in contact with mentors on the go.

Whatever your idea, and however fully formed, we’d like to know about it.

Every like, tweet, email or blog post helps!

The closing date for entries is the 25th January, after which shortlisted candidates will be invited to a ‘Hack’ event and their ideas developed into a working prototype (The winning team will receive Google Chromebooks!).

To submit an idea, please visit the Interactivism home page.

Can you help to promote the Interactivism Challenge?

Here's how:

1. Easy: Go to the post on the RSA's Facebook page or the post about the challenge on the RSA’s Linkedin group (Fellows only) and ‘Like’ it, or add your own quick comment under it.

2. Medium: Post a status update to your favourite network using your own words and link to the Interactivism homepage.

(If you Tweet, use the hash tag #theRSA, so that many more Fellows will see it - not just your own Followers. Also include #interactivism, if there’s room).

 3. Harder: Blog about it or notify your friends and colleagues - but these are the actions that will have the biggest impact.

Every like, tweet, email or blog post helps!

If you don’t have an idea but still want to come along and participate in the February Hackathon event, you can apply for a Hackathon place here.


Further information about Interactivism

RSA blog posts:

Call for ideas: How can we better harness the web to help young people get the work, education or training that is right for them?

Click here to find the ‘lost generation’ 

RSA press release:

Google and partners harness web to combat youth unemployment


Matthew Mezey is RSA Senior Networks Manager - Online & International. Twitter: @Matthew Mezey. A live dashboard webpage showing RSA online activity is here.



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