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Last night a group of Fellows based around Stockport held an experiment; a small meeting where we focused on high-level engagement on a specific issue, Stockport itself.   The small group of around 10 discussed a variety of issues  ranging from identity to communities, assets and challenges, interaction and perceptions.  We also looked at the link between regeneration, renewal, arts, localities, proximity to major city centres, proximity to key transport link and building on existing events and initiatives – our discussion embraced a wide agenda.

The experiment was us, a selected group, all local, coming together for a core discussion on a specific issue; how can we encourage innovation, change culture in challenging times.  Faciliated by Helen Palmer FRSA the fast moving, flowing discussion ensured input from everyone involved.  I am not sure we found the answers but we explored RSA examples of collaboration and impact, could we use some of these models here in Stockport for example Incredible Edible or CitizenPower.

I thought it was a well-worthwhile exercise and shows how much we can do at the micro level regionally alongside the wider work we do.  Sometimes the smaller initiatives can be important too – when we are good we can be really good! Nick Clifford FRSA

The outcome was the clear intention to follow up, an invitation to get together again, and to progress on links with some of the key officers. The experiment, if I can call it that, is part of the RSA in the North West exploring new ways of engagement with Fellows.  The North West Panel are keen to support high-level discussion and debate to encourage practical action and stakeholder engagement.  I would welcome details of Fellow similar experiences and please challenge your perceptions about Stockport.

Vivs Long-Ferguson, Senior Networks Manager



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