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One of the many great opportunities of being an RSA Fellow is being able to connect with other interesting people and their work.

Fellows often open up their own organization's events to other Fellows which is a win for both sides. Everybody expands their horizons and their networks.

In the US Fellows use the American Coffee House to offer free or discounted access to conferences, lectures and seminars. In the next couple of weeks events offered by Fellows' organizations include a seminar on social branding hosted by We First, a CCI weekend executive program on developing business acumen, and a 92Y partner event on rethinking taxes.

Together we are much more than the sum of our parts.

The 92Y Event Partnership was developed last year by US Trustee Henry Timms and Fellows Helaine Katz and Charlotte Cooper. What makes 92Y partnership events really interesting is that they have built-in networking time for Fellows to get to know each other and expand on the program's themes. Similar partnerships to share events, skills and resources or to collaborate on research and projects are in development globally. It's a powerful way to achieve our shared goals.

Lynn Broadbent is Fellowship Director for US networks – follow her @LynnUSA


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