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I wish I was back in Oxford. If you are struggling to work or play, and bored of email and twitter, perhaps you need a dose of some good heavy chat... in which case go to the live debate between Neo-atheist icon Richard Dawkins and The Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, chaired by Philosopher Anthony Kenny.

I'm going to have to turn it off in a moment, but will listen forensically a bit later. So far it has been remarkably convivial and productive, but with a fair bit of spice too. Dawkins is on his best behaviour, and seems more philosophically nimble than usual. They are kicking the ball all over the place: free will, consciousness, mind, self....

The highlight so far was Williams's question: "If consciousness is an illusion, what isn't?"

Dawkins seemed impressed by the question, and didn't have an answer.

William's point is that the very idea of illusion presupposes consciousness...


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