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On Friday I blogged about what seems to be a growing problem with domestic violence (DV) and young people in the UK and said I would blog again about a project we are developing at the RSA looking at this important issue.

Research on DV has increased in recent years, alongside growing political interest in the issue. This is likely to grow as the government looks to win back women voters. The recent budget has had a big impact on voting intentions, but even before that, polls were showing a worrying trend for the government with women, particularly C2DE’s and those over 50, turning against them.

While early in its development, the new RSA project will examine the underlying reasons and drivers behind the apparent rise of DV in young people’s relationships in the UK. We plan to undertake in depth interviews with young women and men currently in relationships where DV occurs or has occurred in the past and with young men and women previously in such relationships but not anymore. The qualitative research will be supported by desk research and policy analysis of the best and most effective work undertaken around the world on DV amongst young people, and supplemented with in depth interviews with experts and practitioners in the field.

At the end of it, we hope to produce practical, innovative and effective recommendations and ideas for preventing DV in the relationships of young people, better supporting victims of it, and developing behaviour change strategy for perpetrators of DV.

I'm really keen to hear from other people and organisations interested in the project and the issues it will deal with. If that’s you, feel free to get in touch either via the blog or my email address:


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