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For details of the list below, please go here but also stop to ask whether this 'top ten' rings true for you. Personally I think it's quite inclusive, though numbers ten, eight and seven should be higher up, but do let me know if you think something important is missing.

10. Cognitive dissonance

9. Hallucinations are common

8. The placebo effect

7. Obedience to authority

6. Fantasies reduce motivation

5. Choice blindness

4. Two (or three, or four...) heads are not always better than one

3. Trying to suppress your thoughts is counterproductive

2. Incredible multi-tasking skills

1. In life, it's all about the little things


Addendum: Where did this come from?

For those who don't use twitter, a 'retweet' is typically a way of sharing something that you want others to see. It usually works that way for me too, but these days I retweet mostly to remind myself to read something later- the links stay in my tweet stream, and I can open and read them at leisure. That was the case here, when I came upon a tweet by Rupert Sheldrake(a somewhat controversial figure, but I highly recommend his book, The Science Delusion, as a lucid account of the distinction between scientific evidence and scientific ideology, and why that matters) who linked to an article at with the intriguing title: "10 of the Most Surprising Findings from Psychological Studies" A closer look suggests this came from Psych blog at which appears to be something worth plugging into more generally (although at first blush they seem o'er fond of top tens as a way of getting people like me excited...)




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