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We’re trying out a few changes to the online community which we hope will improve your experience with the site. We would appreciate your feedback on these.

The latest countries with RSA Connectors are India, Mexico, Thailand, UAE and North Korea

The changes are:

1. E-mail notifications of new content

These notifications of new content (e.g. in any of the 50+people can join on the site) now include the actual new text rather than just a link to it - which should make it easier to read in your inbox, and respond immediately if it’s something you’d like to reply to.

2. Re-structure of the homepage

We’ve moved some sections to different locations on the homepage so that any new content (e.g. new posts in groups) is more visible, rather than being pushed down ‘below the fold’ of the webpage.

The colour scheme has also been changed, which should make headings for different sections easier to read. We also moved the over-long 'Welcome' information to a new ‘About this site’ tab.

Do get in touch if you have any comments (or encounter any problems).

Other RSA news

‘RSA Connectors’ network worldwide

This year we have been developing a global network of ‘RSA Connectors’, in particular to support Fellow activity in countries without an existing RSA infrastructure.

The latest countries with RSA Connectors are India, Mexico, Thailand, UAE and North Korea.

RSA Connectors act as a first port-of-call and a ‘friendly face’ for new Fellows who want to find out more and get involved, and can help local Fellows to organise events and collaborate on projects.

If you are a Fellow and your country is not included, would you like to be considered for the Connector role? (Or is there an RSA Fellow who you think would make a great Connector in a country not yet listed? NB we have Fellows in around 100 countries).

If you are a Fellow and your country is not included, would you like to be considered for the Connector role?

See the RSA Connectors webpage for the list so far, including photos and interests: 

Live-streaming of RSA lectures and other events

From September 2012, every RSA lecture will be available as a live-streamed video - which provides an opportunity to organise Fellow events locally around a live-streamed lecture, as it happens. (You can also tweet in questions to be asked in the room itself, by the Twitter monitor).

The webpage for any specific event that is being live-streamed will include a link to the ‘Watch live’ page - which will go live around 30 minutes beforehand.

If you would like to organise a meeting using the live video-stream from an RSA event, here is a new guidance page on how to do it.

Please let the Fellowship team know if you plan to organise a live-streamed video event.

Upcoming live-streamed lectures include the RSA President's Lecture: Why Creativity is the New Economy, with Dr Richard Florida, who developed the influential theory of the 'Creative Class'.

More detailed advice on live-streaming a lecture will appear in an upcoming blog post.

New Fellows’ Tools and Techniques webpage

A page of resources for Fellows (e.g. how to organise local meetings; RSA projects to get involved in etc.) has recently been created - please find out more in Fellowship.

Do take a look. What do you think? Are there any resources you would really value - that would help you become more active, engaged and effective as a Fellow?

One additional page of advice that is in the pipeline is a guide for new Fellows (this is something that some Fellows have requested during online discussions, and seems like a great idea).

RSA House in September - Fellowship Friday and more

For the week of 10– 14th September, the RSA House will be focused on a week-long celebration, showcasing the work of the RSA, promoting innovation, enterprise and social change. It kicks off with the President’s Lecture on Monday and continues until Friday where we would like to invite you to join us for Fellows' Friday celebrating innovation in projects and showcasing some of the latest innovations amongst the RSA and the Fellowship.

Activities on Friday 14th September include:

Social Entrepreneurs Network brunch - youth and social enterprise - 11am

The first session will be a special Social Entrepreneurs Network brunch focussed on social enterprise and youth employment being held at 11am - 1pm.

Lunch will be available at 1pm - 2.30pm

The networking lunch will enable you to discuss ideas further and meet other Fellows. Please bring your lunch or come prepared to purchase something. Free tea and coffee will be available.

Online Twitter discussion, 2pm onwards

Fellow Friday will culminate in the afternoon with an online discussion and case study of projects, both at the RSA and in the Fellowship. You'll be able to discuss how social change starts at the RSA, with Fellows who've led Catalyst projects and researchers from our project teams available to answer your questions. If you've ever wanted to know how you can make a contribution to the RSA's mission through the Fellowship, this is your chance to find out. Follow the discussion at #RSAFriday.

You can sign up for the events here:

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Matthew Mezey is Online Community Manager. Twitter: Matthew Mezey.


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