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It's been ages since I posted a blog here on our Fellowship pages but this doesn't mean I haven't been busy. Whilst we all bask in the olympic glow I am currently thinking about three key areas of improving the Fellowship offer, specifically from a regional (and in some cases national) offer namely; Regional Development Plans, Innovation and Volunteering.

The RSA has recently gone through a major period of governance review; the outcome of this is the creation of new regional/national teams across the UK bringing together a core team of Regional Chair, relevant Council member and Programme Manager.  These working teams will have mixed approaches and styles but all will be focused on one objective over the next few months - the preparation of Development Pans for their relevant area. These plans will be outline proposals project development, local activity, objectives - all led by Fellows.  It will be interesting to see how some areas overlap and others differ in their approaches and respond to local priorities.  I hope to encourage all Regional/National Chairs to post guest blogs here and provide an overview of their vision.

Innovation is a theme close to the RSA mission. I think it will be a topic appearing more frequently on these blogs.  Recently we have been running Catalyst roadshows and the need for case studies of practical and innovative projects that have received Fellows support and resources remains the number one request.  Today, I provided a Fellow in the North West some examples of community-based projects as case-studies for a new community wellbeing project in Cheshire.  I found myself recommending Social Spaces and the work undertaken by Tessy Britton FRSA and Laura Billings FRSA to collate local community projects and share positive stories and ideas for others to adopt, replicate and refine.

Which of course leads me to volunteering.  This is an area that I am keen the Regional Programme Team (which I lead) take an active role in developing further with Fellows.  Fellows are volunteers and we need to ensure that we use this valuable resource wisely, effectively and most importantly to mutual benefit.  Whether its mentoring a young entrepreneur or simply advising on Fundraising for a potential project the connection Fellows share through knowledge, expertise and skills is the most valuable resource I know.  So dear reader (hello Dad!) could you please signpost me to the examples you know about volunteering management and mobilisation.   I want to hear how volunteer engagement works and learn why some organisations are so successful.

I have a personal objective to ensure the RSA improves its understanding and development of all volunteers. So over to you - please let me have your suggestions.


Vivs Long-Ferguson

Deputy Head of Regional Programme

Twitter @vivslf


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