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Here at the RSA and across the 101 countries where we have Fellows there is always something interesting going on…

Nevertheless, I think it is fair to say that many are distracted by the Olympics --- yet athletic prowess is of course not the only thing one can be noted for and I was pleased to see that at least two Fellows were in the 2012 Birthday Honours list which, during a quiet moment, I got an opportunity to run through. Congratulations go to: Dr Anne Regina Douglas FRSA for services to the Health of Asylum Seekers and Refugees and Katie Tearle FRSA, Head of Opera and Dance for Edition Peters Group for services to music. If I missed somebody during my perusal of the list (or you know of Fellows further afield that have recent notable achievements of other kinds) please let me know.

Meanwhile, RSA Projects - the in-house think and do tank - has been getting some extra attention this week with the publication of a new report (PDF) arguing that citizens like you and me should receive training in how to deal with anti-social behaviour. I for one am in favour but you might want to make your own mind up. The report came about, as you probably guessed, as part of the one-year-on reflections on the London riots - which also reminds me how inspiring (and cleverly co-ordinated) the response was from some of our leading London-based Fellows such as Dan Thompson FRSA.

Got something to say about this or another topic? One way to engage the Fellowship in debate is through submitting an article for consideration to RSA Comment - or commenting on some of those posted already. Here are some recent pieces from that you might have missed:

  • Greatest crash - David Kauders FRSA argues that the financial system that evolved from the early Italian bankers needs a fundamental change.

  • Future universities - Jack Kenward FRSA argues that RSA Fellows can make an independent and distinctive contribution to the debate on universities.

  • Governance in society - Mark Thriscutt FRSA suggests emphasising personal responsibility to tackle individual and organisational misbehaviour. 

The seed-bed: a selection of lectures, events and networks leading to new connections and collaborations

Pictures from the Catalyst events in Cardiff and Birmingham and a few other events from the last weeks are coming to the RSA Flickr Group - meanwhile, see what is coming up in London, around the country and around the world, check out the Google Calendar on the where you are pages on our website.

I am looking forward to hearing how today's event organised by some of our leading Fellows in Australia. The RSA Melbourne City Network, in conjunction with the Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Centre at Melbourne Museum, hosted a talk by Russell Kennedy FRSA with the clever wordplay title 'Appropriate or Appropriate?'.

This weekend I'll be attending a Fellow-led event near Reading on training & furthering skilled creative industries graduates - there'll be footage and tweeting (the latter subject to signal) - and should you wish to stay tuned to that debate, follow me @michaelambjorn. A bit further north, the RSA Nottingham Network series, N2: A Creative Meeting of Minds continues - this time with a focus on public transport.

Also, our colleagues on the lecture team have announced some interesting events coming up here at John Adam Street (and direct to you if you tap into the livestream):

  • Rewriting the Book? - Join our panel as they discuss how culture-led city regeneration can enhance economic competitiveness, community cohesion and a sense of place.

  • Lessons from the Top - Award-winning television and radio presenter Gavin Esler shares the leadership secrets he’s gleaned from thirty years interviewing the world’s greatest frontrunners.

  • A New History of Power - Historian and author David Priestland proposes a fundamental, radical new way of seeing the world and who really rules it, at a time of imminent power shift.

Last but not least, the latest on the RSA blogs in case you missed it earlier:

Making sense of the world - Ben Dellott, Researcher in RSA Projects, mulls over cultural theory, mental complexity and values modes

It’s all in the title: development, innovation & volunteers - Vivs Long-Ferguson, Deputy Head of Fellowship charged with our Regional / National Programme

... and here is a helping of fresh content from Fellows you may want make part of your daily RSS / Twitter / Flickr regime:

Dave Briggs FRSA, of London Hustings fame, introduces a new kind of digital exchange (and on the latter note - a shout out to the other instigators, FRSAs Jemima Gibbons and David Wilcox. I understand Jemima is working on the post-effort review as I type). Worth noting whilst we're at it that Jemima has live-blogged Fellowship Council meetings for the last few years and also convened the RSA Digital Engagement Group. She is stepping down as the current term ends this September but there'll be no shortage of legacy, that's for sure, and I know she's keen to stay involved with the growing network of Digital Champions.

Many Fellows have a passion for books - and Laura Billings FRSA posted a series of interesting photos from a Library Lab open day she recently ran with Tessy Britton FRSA which Fellows may find interesting and useful in their own work / thinking around the future of libraries.

The Fellowship Newsletter is taking a brief well-deserved break but will be back at the end of the month - so if you're hungry for news in the meantime, do check back here. Do also help spread the word by sharing with your favourite Fellows across your network.

Michael Ambjorn is former Head of Fellowship – Follow @michaelambjorn


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