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Here at the RSA and across the 101 countries where we have Fellows there is always something interesting going on.

In this issue we'll cover a whirlwind tour of the RSA's impact, some the RSA's 14 Regions & Nations and also look ahead to a week focused on showcasing the work of the RSA - and a look back at some useful content you may have missed.

Let's start with Impact. Every year the Trustees deliver a report to the Society's Annual General Meeting which sets out: achievements over the past year, the impact of the work to drive social progress, the vision and plans for the future of the RSA - and details of activities for the year. If you're a Fellow then I hope to see you here at John Adam Street on the 3rd of October (full details of the AGM - including what to do if you can't make it in person). Attending or not, I strongly encourage you to read the Impact Report to get a sense of what has been achieved and what is ahead.

The seed-bed: a selection of lectures, events and networks leading to new connections and collaborations

The following are just a few of the events coming up in the next couple of weeks – to see the full list check out the Google Calendar on the where you are pages on our website (where you can also find more details + add the events to your own calendar).

Showcasing the RSA: If you're less into reports and you like to do things bite-sized but often, then we've got a treat coming up next week. We believe the RSA is the best place to have an idea, and next week will be an opportunity to dip in and out of the RSA with this in mind. There'll be a range of activities showcasing the full breadth of work that the RSA is doing across both action and research. You can find full details of the week's programme here - but here's a concise overview of the key live-stream events, who's reporting from them (and can help convey any question you may have to the person chairing) as well as the relevant hashtag to tune into to see and contribute to the wider Twitter commentary:

  • Thursday 13th: Prospects for a New Progressivism and your live reporter is @watsoalex who will be using #RSApolitics

...and finally, Fellow Friday (book one of the last seats here) - which @iamsamthomas will report from throughout the day using #RSAFriday - culminating in the afternoon with an online discussion and case study of projects, both at the RSA and in the Fellowship.  You'll be able to discuss how social change starts at the RSA, with Fellows who've led Catalyst projects and researchers from our project teams available to answer your questions. If you've ever wanted to know how you can make a contribution to the RSA's mission through the Fellowship, this is your chance to find out. Here are just some of the people we hope will pitch in:

@artistsmakers: Dan Thompson, architect of #riotcleanup, answering questions about #wewillgather, a NESTA project to help people organise social action

@bricksandbread: Trudy Thompson, previous Social Entrepreneurs’ Network Spotlight participant

@katewelch, founder of Reap and Sow, a Catalyst-winning social enterprise

@planzheroes, a Catalyst-winning project to reduce food waste

Also, mixed in you'll find @la_gaia talking about social networks, @JulesThomp talking about RSA enterprise work, @RJDaddow / @RSARecovery talking about West Kent and @RSADesignAwards talking about the Student Design Awards (2012 brief now out! - and if you're in the US, be sure to check out the RSA U.S Student Design Awards site).

So, pile in, ask questions, favourite and re-tweet.

If all of the above is as good a gobbledygook to you, then you might want to check out the 7 ways to become an online Fellow - which includes the option to reach out to one of the many RSA Digital Champions such as Charlotte Britton, Jemima Gibbons and Roxanne Persaud to shout for help.

More coming up:

This weekend we've got Fellows getting together for their annual meetings + a big event which originally got off the ground with Catalyst support. Here's where, and who you can follow to tap into the proceedings:

  • East of England with incoming Chair Malcolm Noble and Regional Fellowship Councillor Suzanne Pickering with live reporting from @ImAliceD using #FRSA

  • East Midlands  with incoming Chair Peter Robertson and Regional Fellowship Councillor Ruth Jindal - with live reporting from @michaelambjorn using #FRSA (and I am looking forward to hearing more about the discussions there which I mentioned in the last Fortnight in Fellowship)

Last weekend Fellows met in Yorkshire and Wales Cymru (here's a storify from one of them) and next week there are meetings in the North EastScotlandIreland and before we know, it'll be time for the full Annual General Meeting on the 3rd of October.

Last but not least, six items worth noting in case you missed them earlier:

First, check out Matthew Mezey's round-up and call to action: Help us find 100 ‘RSA Connectors’, changes + other news then ...

...and the answer to this question from our Library Team: Were RSA Fellows (and RDIs) responsible for all 29 of Team GB’s gold medals


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